Create Setup of Windows application using C# or :

Apr 18, 2012 By Anil Gaikwad

Steps to create Setup of Windows application using .Net :

1. Create an application new windows application. Add a button to the form name it as btnClick and set Text property as Click
2. Double click on button and write following code or any code which you want
3. Now build the application and run the application it will give output like below after click of Button.
4. Now to close the solution and Open visual studio again then go to File -> New -> Project.
5. It will open below window in below windows first select Setup and Deployment under Project types. Then select Setup Project under templates. Give a name which you want to give to Setup and chose file location where you want to create set up. If you want to create new directory then select Create directory for solution
6. It will open window like below which has application folder , User’s desktop, User’s Program Menu each setting applied to the folder will be stored in respective folder.
7. Now Right-Click on Application folder go to Add -> File.
8. Then browse to location of your application go to Bin folder of your application and select .exe file of your application and click open.
9. It will add that exe file to your application and related assemblies if any.
10. You can create shortcut of that and add to User’s desktop folder or User’s Program Menu if you want that shortcut should be added to Desktop or Program Menu when you Install the application.
11. To change the properties of the Setup Right-Click on setup and go to Properties.
12. Click of Prerequisites button to add Prerequisites to the application.
13. From below window you can select .Net framework , SQL server Framework as per your requirement.
14. Now After all settings are done Right-Click on setup and click on Build. It will create application setup in the folder which you have specified.
15. Now click on setup and Install the application.